The Meat Specialist - whether red meat or poultry,
fresh or frozen, the unique 4-sided pre-compression of this Dicer
guaranteed highest cutting quality

Strongest Dicer of its class - motor power of 2,6 kW

Unmatched hydraulic performance - more than double
oil-volume as equivalent Dicers

Unbelievable cutting length - 45 mm infinitely adjustable

High throughput Dicer - up to 560 cuts per minute

Extremely long grid blades - Dicer provide cleanest cut through
meat and sinews to give separate cubes with perfect
edges all-round

Hygiene door for clean work all around the Dicer - the cutting
products cannot fall to the ground

Mobile on castors - Dicer is equipped with steering roller



DICR classic 96

throughput kg/h max. 1100
connected load kW 3,1
chamber size mm 96 x 96 x 310
inch (325/32 x 325/32 x 127/32)
grid set´s cross section mm (inch) 90 x 90 (39/16 x 39/16)
cutting length mm (inch) 0 - 45 (0 - 13/4)
4-side pre-compression X
length x width x height mm 1300 x 660 x 1115
weight kg 260


Processing temperature up to
- 3°C
for all cutting products
beginning from 4 mm

Refined shape of the slice-cut
ensures a powerful, smooth
and clean cut

Ergonomic single-handed operation
with lengthwise chamber opening


Extra durable cutting grids
to cope with hardest workload
as standard feature

Time saving double chamber system
assures loading and dicing together

Piston advance at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double or four-bladed knife or intermittent cutting with single cut knife achieving precise cubes


Low break-in period also for untrained operator

Automatic positioning of the slice-cut knife after each cutting cycle

Minimum set up time to change grid sets, no tools required

Adjustable lengthwise pre-compression

Visual signal for loading readiness


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