The fully automatic continuous slicer with big product channel and additional product fixing custom-designed for your particular needs... chops, pork neck, escalope, beef olive, Roastbeef, pork belly, smoked pork, fish, cheese and sausages

continuous production flow eliminates idle capacity costs - no loss of time by retraction of the gripper or manual flap opening

enormous hourly throughput of up to 4 tonnes

unrivalled cutting speed - machine cuts 600 slices per minute in single blade operation

perfect handling - fully-automatic charging during the cutting process

optimum adaptation of blade speed to the product - individual adjustable from 60-600 slices per minute

high speed single cut function - for extreme cutting high quality and singling of slices for the further processing (i.e. Shock freezing)

high cutting accuracy - slice thickness from 0,5mm to ∞

clean solution - exemplary hygiene and easy cleaning

product detection via optical sensors allows dividing of products into sections

automatic gripper system for optimal product fixing during the cutting process


технические данные
SLICR line 28

  установленная мощность   кВт   10
  макс. поперечное сечение продукта (шxв)   мм   280 x 180
  макс. длина продукта   мм  
  длина х ширина х высота   мм   3710 x 1077 x 1715
  вес   кг   850
  скорость резки   срезы мин.   max. 20-600
  автоматическая система захвата     опциона́льный



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