The Top Performer in meat processing with enormous throughput rates of up to 4 tons per hour in continuous operation

Fully automatic loading and continuous processing of all meat products

Hydraulic lifting device for 200 litre trolleys or infeed conveyor belt

Large LCD Display with touch screen, and 99 cutting programs

Optimum product yield through automatic distribution of the remaining piece - reduces leftovers to a minimum

Mechanical installation-device for cutting tools

Gigantic throughput rate in non-stop operation
- huge infeed hopper
- enormous chamber size
- horizontal cutting guillotine cross knife
- rapid slice-cut knife speed

Clean solution - exemplary hygiene and easy cleaning

Superior cutting quality for cubes and strips
- optimum compaction of the meat through the lateral pre-compression with double-hydraulic drive
- adjustable longitudinal pre-compression depending on cutting product
- separate working slice-cut knife drive with infinitely variable speed
- accurate and precise cutting length adjustment - computer controlled




Technical Data
CROZZDICR capacity 150

  throughput   kg/h   max. 4.000
  connected load   kW   15,3
  chamber cross section   mm   250 x 150
      inch   (927/32 x 529/32)
  chamber length   mm (inch)   620 (247/16)
  cutting length   mm (inch)   0 - 60 (0 - 23/8)
  side pre-compression     variable
  length x width x height   mm   3.550 x 1.785 x 2.330
total height incl. lifting device mm 3.015
weight kg 2.100



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