The soft food specialist is ideally suited for the cutting of soft cheeses, Pates, fine meats and other soft goods

Sophisticated form of cutting blade guarantees an exact shape of cut product

Stainless steel grid sets specially adapted to your products

Feed either continuously or intermittently for excellent cutting quality

User-friendly operation and low training time for semi-skilled workers

Automatic knife positioning for repeatable first cut

Cutting tool replacement in a short time

High standard of hygiene and easy cleaning by special machine design with stainless steel drain at the end of the working chamber




Technical data
SOFTFOODSLICR capacity 120

  throughput   kg/h   max. 2.300
  connected load   kW   2,6
chamber length mm 530
chamber´s cross section mm 120 x 120
grid´s cross section mm 120 x 120
cutting length mm 0 - 42
length x width x height mm 2.240 x 720 x 1.120
weight kg 330



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