The moneymaking slicing and portioning machine with extended and wider loading chamber - custom-designed for your particular needs... chops, pork neck, escalope, beef olive, Roastbeef, pork belly, smoked pork, fish, cheese and sausages

large volume cutting - up to 400 slices per minute

precise slice thickness control - infinitely adjustable from 1 to 32 mm

user friendly operation via single control keys

visual failure signal for simple error detection

time saving automatic return limiter

product discharge of slices via conveyor belt (optional)

operation mode at choice continuous for high volume cutting with double blade or intermittent cutting with single blade achieving precise slices

adjustable gripper - keeps all products tight in position for best slicing quality

machine moveable on rolls


Technical data
SLICR classic 25+

  connected load   kW   4,5
  chamber size   mm   250 x 235 x 1160
  cutting length (optional)
  mm   1 - 32 (50)
  length x width x height
(with discharge conveyor)
  mm   2725 (3410) x 930 x 1340
  weight (with discharge conveyor)
  kg   410 (468)
  cutting rate
single / double blade
slices per min.
200 / 400



German by Design

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